Wikileaks Releases 1,258 Clinton Emails On IRAQ! Perfect Timing.

WikiLeaks has released 1,258 of Hillary Clinton’s emails in relation to the Iraq war, preceding the British Chilcot report on the conflict set to be released later this week.

WikiLeaks tweeted a link to their email archive from their official Twitter page today. Wikileaks appears to have a substantial amount of information on Clinton, having already released a large archive of Clinton’s emails earlier in the year. Breitbart has previously reported on Julian Assange’s claims that Google is complicit in the managing of Clintons online media campaign.

Released only a week after Bill Clinton’s meeting with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and a day after Huma Abedins admission that Hillary Clinton had burned daily schedules, the contents of Hillary’s released emails, containing multiple interactions between Clinton and multiple white house officials, could be extremely damaging to Clinton’s current presidential campaign.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has previously stated that he has multiple leaks in store for Clinton and, as a free speech fundamentalist, believes that a Clinton presidency could be damaging.


The now-infamous whistleblowing website has published an archive of what is said to be over 1,200 of Hillary Clinton’s private emails pertaining to the Iraq War. Julian Assange previously said that the release would be “enough to indict her.”

On Monday, WikiLeaks tweeted a link to a search aggregate of 1,258 emails that Clinton wrote or received discussing US engagement in Iraq while she headed the State Department. The Iraq War email bundle is part of a trove of Clinton’s correspondence that was released by the State Department in February, under the Freedom of Information Act.


One of these documents added to the archive includes the major lie Hillary has been scrutinized for over the Benghazi Embassy attack.

“We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with.” SOURCE: WIKILEAKS

Sources believe the members of the US government were releasing anti-islamic videos to incite riots and hatred in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and other nations. This explains the “we had nothing to do with” addition to her lie. Perhaps there was some truth to that statement which spawned the blaming of the video and simultaneously dismissing US involvement in the video. Leaving the question: Why would the US release a video to manipulate hate that results in attacks on US Embassies? You see this was a complete lie. Later Clinton admitted, “she was confused”, but her emails prove she knew right away it was a planned attack from an al-Queda branch located in Libya.

This new dump of emails just further confirms things most people already know. We just have the documents now.

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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Tyranny Rising.