Wikileaks: Univision Owner Works With Hillary Campaign to Manipulate Latino Community

Owner of Univision is working with Hillary Clinton; creating “Latino Outreach” and attacking Trump.

Wikileaks revealed that the most popular Spanish television channel, Univision, is working with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to try to drive Latinos away from Trump. The Clinton campaign knows no limits when it comes to manipulation and bribery.

How much do you think she paid Haim Saban to sell his soul?


“In his email exchange, Haim Saban, the owner of Univision, “hit up everyone” in the Hillary campaign to say that they’re not taking Trump’s popularity with Hispanics seriously and to plot and try and “stage” fake appreciation for Hispanics.”

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Saban is using his influence to try to drive Latino voters away from Donald Trump. However, it doesn’t seem to be working too well.

Washington Post reports:

“Hillary Clinton holds wide leads among Latino voters in four battleground states and enjoys an edge on questions of temperament and who’s best equipped to solve the nation’s problems. But Donald Trump is not faring as poorly as some might think, amid doubts about Clinton’s trustworthiness.”

“Clinton’s advantages over Trump among Latino voters are similar to President Obama’s advantage over Republican Mitt Romney in 2012 in Nevada, Florida and Arizona, while her 45-point lead in Colorado is smaller than Obama’s 52-point edge there four years ago.”

Source: Wikileaks : Univision Owner Works Closely With Hillary Campaign to Attack Trump and Create “Latino Outreach” – TruthFeed

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