Crazy Woman Calls for Mass Shooting at Trump Rally

Lunatic Calls For Mass Shooting At Trump Rally

Law enforcement and Twitter support are nowhere to be found

Woman Calls For Mass Shooting at Trump Event and Law Enforcement do nothing.

If a Trump Supporter said this about a Hillary Rally, you can bet they would be in jail already. But because it is a pro-government anti trump moron it’s okay. Twitter won’t do anything about it either, but you can bet that they will continue to censor your speech if you don’t go along with their agenda.

This just shows the double standard in the world today. It is okay to threaten violence and riot like children when you don’t get whatever you want. People seem to forget that behavior like that leads to uprisings of fanatics like Mao. People who end up murdering millions of their own citizens in an effort to force others to listen. The educated know this is called oppression. Today’s Democrats seem to think it is just normal behavior.

They need to stop calling themselves “Liberals” because they embody the opposite definition of the word.

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