VIDEO: Woman Claims “Chemical Weapons” Sprayed Over Standing Rock

A woman by the name of Candida Rodriguez Kingbird has come forward with a video she made on location at Standing Rock.

The short video provides startling testimony that someone (which she says is the US government) is flying in timed patterns and spraying “chemical weapons” over Standing Rock. She goes on to say that the police which have a perimeter set, are not being targeted.

Please watch and share both this article and the video! This is an exclusive video we received and for her protection, it must go viral!!!


Candida is part of the Red Lake Anishnaabe Chippewa Indian Tribe.

These are recent developments in the Standing Rock situation, and we will do our best to keep everyone updated. This video comes even after the announcement on Monday from the Army Corps of Engineers, stating plans for construction must be shelved until further review. This review includes addressing concerns of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and all effected parties.

If anyone has any more information, whether contrary to the claims made in this video, or evidence supporting it, please send us an email at – [email protected]

Source: VIDEO: Woman Claims “Chemical Weapons” Sprayed Over Standing Rock

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