Woman Named ISIS Banned From Facebook

A woman has been banned from her Facebook account – because her name is Isis.

Earlier this year Facebook launched a crackdown on jihadists who are using the site to promote the so-called Islamic State .

But Isis Thomas, 27, has fallen foul of the move and is now unable to access her own account.

Isis, who lives in Bristol, tried to log into her profile on Monday to find the social media site asking her to change her name.

She said: “I just tried to log in and when I did, the password went through and this box came up asking me something about changing my name.

“I was on Facebook as Isis Worcester, because when I first signed up years ago I didn’t use my real name, which is Isis Thomas, because of where I worked at the time.

“I thought it was about the surname, so I just changed it to Isis Thomas. But that didn’t work and I realised they had a problem with me being called Isis.

“They sent a message saying Isis wasn’t allowed, it didn’t comply with the policy. They asked me to send in proof of identity, which I did. That was on Monday and I haven’t been let on the site since.


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